Were to eat - 10 km or closer from The Avian Kingdom

The distances are of course measured as the crow flies. 

Eating direction north

Hurva Gästgifvaregård   Hurva gästgivaregård

Genuine old inn with herring buffet. Serves current and a la carte, Sunday dinners, Christmas buffets, goose dinners, baptisms, gradiations and other parties.

24194 Eslöv

Lisas Café i Hurva   www.lisascafe.se

A cafe for the summer motorcuclist, serving coffee and sandwiches in the easy-going environment and at reasonable prices. People without motorcycles also very welcome.

Riksvägen 38, Hurva

24194 Eslöv

Östraby Gästgifvaregård   www.ostrabygastis.se
The Inn at Östraby, dating from the early 1700's. Enjoy the lovely Scanian food both indoors in tastefully decorated rooms, or outside in the garden. All kinds of parties and conferences can be arranged. Catering and special bus menus.

24297 Hörby

Rönås Byakrog   www.ronasbyakrog.com
Cosy village inn by Highway 13 between Sjöbo and Hörby.
Rönås 12, vid väg 13
27595 Sjöbo

Punkten   www.orebacken.se
Cafe och restaurant by Orebadet, Sjöbo. During summer, various fast food is available. As is coffee, pastries and cake.
Sjöbo Ora

27580 Sjöbo

Sjöbo Gästgivaregård   www.sjobogastgifveri.se
Genuine inn in central Sjöbo well known for its Scanian specialties.
Daily specials are served seven days a week with a wonderful salad bar.

Sjöbo Gästgifvaregård, Gamla Torget
27530 Sjöbo

Mossagårdens ekologiska odling & gårdsbutik   www.mossagarden.se
You can buy fresh organic vetetables in the shop. The farm has been run organically since 1987 by the Olson family. In the fields, potatoes, carrots, celeriac, parsnips, beets and radishes are being cultivated. In idyllic settings, you can purchase freshly harvested produce from the farm or other organic products like pasta, sauces and rice. During summer, you can have an organic picnic at the premises. Open by season or by appointment.
24796 Veberöd


Dalby Gästgifveri   www.dalbygastgivaregard.se
When Scania became Swedish, over 300 years ago, the Dalby Inn was founded. There had already been a speakeasy at the location for over 20 years. At that time, the inn keeping was combined with agriculture and the same spirit is still lingering in the kitchen. Local Scanian products has been transformed into culinary hights with Mediterranean influences. The tradition is seen even in the very environment, that is traditionally rustic, with a personal service that provides a home from home. As it always had, at the Dalby Inn.
Tingsgatan 6
24750 Dalby

Restaurang Kungsgården   www.flyinge.se
Restaurang Kungsgården is situated by the great manege at Flyinge Kungsgård. Here Flyinge operates a cafe and restaurant with the emphasis on lunch, events and catering. Both modern and classic cuisine is presented with the high quality that reflects the Swedish cuisine's variation and diversity. You get the view over the manege in the bargain.
24729 Flyinge