Cultural life in The Avian Kingdom

ARNA - Art and Nature

2015 the artist in residence ARNA situated in Harlösa celebrates its fifth anniversary.

The aim for the residency is to explore and express the nature in Fågelriket / The Avian Kingdom through the arts.

During 2015 ARNA will have hosted a total of 42 artists since start, selected out of 485 applications from professional artists from around the world.

Each artist dedicate a couple of weeks of work, a time of exploring art and nature that give back to The Avian Kingdom a great variety of expressions, as through; photography, poetry, sculpture, music, animation, visual and mixed media arts.

The Avian Kingdom is a growing interface between art and nature. One day, it might grow to become a world center.

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Artists in The Avian Kingdom
A substancial number of renowned artists are living in and around The Avian Kingdom. Several of these are active on the international arena.

Most of the artists participate in one or several of the following art rounds and tours and will keep their studios open for visitors during the Easter Round or by appointment.

Members in KRO, ie, artists with a degree or equivalent
Painting, ceramics, sculpture, Ingela Jarlsson, Parkgatan 18, 2433 Löberöd,
Textile, painting, Kerstin Jakobsson, Lidvägen 26, 24164 Harlösa,
Silver, sculpture, Lars Borin, Lidvägen 3, 24164 Harlösa,

Grafiska Sällskapet (Graphic  Society)
Grafics, painting, Arnold Hagström, 24165 Harlösa

Members in the Mid Scanian Arts Round
Painting, Emanuel Javelid, Brödåkra 260, 24033 Löberöd
Silver, Marianne Javelid,, Brödåkra 260, 24033 Löberöd
Ceramics, Siri Månsson, Solbacken, 24165 Harlösa, 

Members in the West Scanian Artists Guild
Textile, painting, Helle Christensen Hjort, Trollskogsvägen 16, Torna Hällestad,

Member in the South West Arts Round
sculpture, Rina Jacobsen, Hjularöd 110, 24035 Harlösa

Kerstin Ånhammar, Asklyckan 5201, 24035 Harlösa
Sten Ericsson,
Byvägen 34, Torna Hällestad,

Byvägen 34, Torna Hällestad,


Maria Nilsson,
Slogstorps Mölla, 240 33 Löberöd,

Gerd Carling, Trogården, 24033 Löberöd 

Nature photografer
Jens Morin, V
iolvägen 1, 241 64 Harlösa,

Christina Meisolle Høi, Harlösa,

Sculpture, furniture renovator, exhibition builder,
Fredrik Kugelberg, Kvarngården, 24164 Harlösa

Anita Matter,
Viken Östra skolan, 24165Harlösa
Ulf Johansson,
Hunneberga 1913, 24165 Harlösa

Petra Kvist,
Hunneberga 110, 24035 Harlösa,

Jaakko Viitala,
Hjularöd 110, 24035 Harlösa
National fiddler, composer, educator, member of the Royal Academy of Music, Mats Ede'n,
Stationsvägen 1, 24164 Harlösa,  
Composer, conductor, university lekturer in music theory,
Lars Flink, Lindvägen 1A, 24164 Harlösa
Gerd Carling, Trogården, 24033 Löberöd