Nature in The Avian Kingdom

There are many highly ranked nature areas in The Avian Kingdom and those interested in bird life visit the area all year around.

Fore the bird friends, there are, by Vombs ängar and Klingavälsån, several easily accesible observation towers. Aided by a brought pair of binoculars and the bird species charts by the tower, even children will recognize beautiful and strange  birds like ruffs, curlews and storks. An additiona tower and a beautifully crafted hide out is located by the nearby lake of Krankesjön. The hideout, a small building in the lake, is reachable through a narrow walkway bridge through the reeds. Even  during winter time, the shallow Krankesjön is a popular location to visit. The wide lake offers visitors a great place to scate or even, when the conditions are right, the possibility of ice yachting.

The military training area, the Revinge fields also a Natura 2000-area. The next to  pampas like field is the home to many species of plants and insects that actually benefit by the rampage of the tanks. Usually, considerably more docile creatures lives at the field. The year around, it is also home to  almost 2000 heads of cattle that roam free over the vast areas. In addition, the Department of Zoo Echology has a research field station at the Revinge field.

The newest member of the Avian Kingdom's nature areas is the creek Borstbäcken. Along its ravine there is a wealth of species of both plants and fungi. The forest by the ravine is rich in wildlife and it is not uncommon that the unique white deer can be seen. The ravine also carries a dark  piece of history from the Swedish-Danish skirmishes and wars. Some of the ramparts of that era are still there.

In addition to these five nature areas of an International interest, there are also smaller localities of national or regional interest. North of the lake of Vombsjön, Hjälmaröd and Hultsberg are ancient pastures that are not only of historical value, but also have a rich flora.

Around the Castle of Hjularöd are decidious forests, perhaps at its peak of beauty at the time of flushing in May. From Hjularöd down towards Harlösa, the Harlösa creek forms a sharply carved ravine down in the silurian bedrock. The road along the creek offers a breathtaking view of The Avian Kingdom.

Bird life flourish in The Avian Kingdom the year around. During winter, large numbers of geese bides on the fields and meadows around Vombsjön and Krankesjön. But, many birds of prey can frequently be seen as well. The most majestic of them all is, of course, The Golden Eagle.

Those especially interested in unusual frogs will find several frog locations. As by the Vombs Norregård.