Family adventures at The Avian Kingdom

We, Avianite parents, offers these tips for fun places to take your kids to.

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Krankesjön – The Hideout in the lake
Just by the parking, there is an observation tower of several floors. From here, you can see out over lake Krankesjön, famous for its year-around birdlife. In order to enable smaller children to be able to reach up and see over the barriers, there are boxes available that they can stand on. Bring a pair of binoculars! When you are done and have descended again, you will find a foot path leading to the left along the lake. The path passes by trail Skåneleden's resting places with a barbecue area and a simple shelter for the night. After annother 100 meters, the path moves out over a long and exciting wooden bridge, ending at a bird watcher's hideout in the lake. The hideout has peep holes and you should keep very quiet not to spook the birds. On the grounds by the parking is a slope perfect for kite flying. In vinter, lake Krankesjön is a popular skating locality since it is very shallow and will freeze over quickly when the temperature begins to drop. Lake Krankesjön is situated by the tank school P7's practise area and during exercises, large parts of the fileds are off limits. If you intend to visit the fields themselves, remember to check the information notice boards at the entrances to the field. The resting area by lake Krankesjön is always open, though.

Good to know: There is parking, porta potty, a barbecue area with tables and an overnight shelter available. Water can be had from a hand pumb, but to be safe, boil it before use.

Robber's hideout - thrilling names and bridges
Along the Braån brook runs an exciting hike of about 2 km, with footbridges over small and larger streams, a stone bridge that whispers about the goats Gruff and steep hills to climb. The cliffs on the opposite side of the creek might be a bit TO adventurous for smaller children though. By the brook, kids love to play. Take a coffee break or roast a hotdog at the resting area by the parking. On the adjacent meadow, small and sometimes OLDER children, love to play the Swedish version of softball.

Good to know: There is a parking, porta potty and a barbecue area with tables.

Lake Vombsjön – Bathing and tree climbing
At lake Vombsjön's east shores, you find an excellent beach for families. The entrance to the parking has a SMALL sign with the word: 'badplats' on. Lake Vombsjön is very shallow and the beaches are of white lake sand. The shoreline is extensive. On arrival from the parking, you find a creek emptying itself into the lake. The creek forms several small islands and here children loves to play. For prams and disabled, a simple wooden walkway is available. The walkway leads partly onto the beach, but not all the way to the water. A barbecue area is available at the beach. The old trees betwen the beach and the forest provides for great climbs!

Good to know: There is a parking, porta potties and a barbecue area.