Hike, Bike and Fish in The Avian Kingdom

There is lots to do in The Avian Kingdom for those who loves the outdoors!

We, the Avianites, share all our gold nuggets with you.

The Swedish Right of Public Access is often what enables the activities in The Avian Kingdom so respect the fact that you are moving across lands that belongs to and is treasured by somebody. Nature reserves included. The golden rule is: Not disturbing - not destroying, is applicable everywhere.

In The Avian Kingdom, there are two restrictions to the Right of Public Access. In order to protect bird life, the Vomb's meadovs are off limits the year around, but the Observation Towers provides excellent opportunities to take part of the bird life, using binoculars.

The Revinge Field is a military training ground. It is not appropriate (or indeed wise or even allowed) to be there during military exercises. Information about exercises and other useful facts is available on the notice boards at the road entrances to the area. Closed road barriers on smaller access roads is a sure exercise warning. For your own sake, do not tresspass.

Around Lake Vombsjön it is only allowed to park cars at public parkinglots. The lake is a fresh water supply and cars leaks oil.....