List with all tours and trails

Here you will find du a compilation of all our best tips for hiking, biking or motoring in The Avian Kingdom. Many of them are on Google Maps with GPS coordinates. Some of them have slide shows.

Skåneleden stage 11 (hike) The trail goes from Rövarkulan (the Robbers hideout) north of Löberöd towards Höghult, where you find a resting place with an airbreaks. Skåneleden, stage 11. Rövarkulan - Höghult

Skåneleden stage 12 (hike) The trail goes from Höghult between Löberöd and Harlösa to  lake Krankesjön's resting place by its observation tower and hideout. Skåneleden, stage 12. Höghult - Krankesjön

Skåneleden stage 13 (hike) The trail goes from Krankesjön up to the ridge Romeleåsen and Väderkullen. Skåneleden, stage 13. Krankesjön - Väderkullen

Pilgrimsleden (hike) Here you can hike both in a north/south and an east/west direction. Pilgrimsleden.

A tour of The Avian Kingdom (bicycle or motor vehicle). On this tour, you will get a taste of most of The Avian Kingdom's nature areas

Trips with children (3 different trips) Playing by water is the most fun you can do if you are a child or a child at heart