Hiking The Avian Kingdom

Through The Avian Kingdom, runs Skåneledens north/south stretch, stages 11 - 13. Here you will find resting places with basic shelters for overnighting.  The trails are running in a very diverse landscape, from desedious forestss with white deers, through the beautiful ravine with a  brook  along the bottom at the Harlösa hills, past lake Krankesjön with its rich bird life and up on ridge Romeleåsens highest peaks.

Even Pilgrimsleden (the Pilgrim Trail) is running through The Avian Kingdom. The trails passes by a number of old and beautiful churches. If you pass them by on a week day, do not be afraid to ask the church janitors to open the church door for you. If you continue the trail south, you will EVENTUALLY end up in Santiagio de Compostela in Spain. If you turn the other way, you will reach the cathedral 'Nidarosdomen' in the Norwegian city of Trondheim, after a CONSIDERABLE time walking

Vi who live in The Avian Kindom, the Avianites, will be happy to share our best walks and promenades with you. Together with the trails, you will find our suggestions for hikes both for stretches from one bus stop to the next as well as tours that starts and ends at a car park. You can print our tips as trail descriptions at home and bring them along.

The hikes pass through both private land and over military exercise areas. andringarna passerar både privata marker och över militärens övningsområde Revingefältet. The Swedish right of public access enables you to go out into nature areas, but respect that you pass through somebody's land. Never venture out onto growing crops, close gates behind you and be VERY careful and considerate when making a camp fire. Closed gates on the Revinge field means that there are exercises  goning on that day. Since the Revinge fields is the home of the P7 tank school, it is very unwise to venture out into the field during exercises.